The SL-Deck


The SL-Deck is a new and patented precast deck system developed by Abeo A/S. The deck combines the strength of reinforced concrete with the low weight of light-aggregate concrete, which gives a lighter and very flexible deck that can handle long spans in addition to being cheap to transport and install



The SL-Deck in 160 seconds



The optimized deck design makes the SL-Deck capable of coping with a wide range of problems that traditional deck systems struggle with and enable it to be easily adjusted to project specific requirements. The SL-Deck is thus able to provide much of the flexibility of in-situ concrete in a 100% precast deck.


In addition, the combination of ordinary concrete and light-aggregate concrete gives the SL-Deck fantastic soundproofing qualities which are about twice as good as similar hollow core slabs. At the same time, the undersurface of light-aggregate concrete protects the reinforcement and load-bearing concrete during fire, making the SL-Deck capable of withstanding 4 hours of standard fire. When it comes to sound and fire properties, it is thus safe to say that the SL-Deck is the best precast decking system on the market. All in all, the SL-Deck makes it possible to save processes on the construction site and reduce total costs.


The SL-Deck presented in the cpi magazine:



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