SL-decks are a new and patented precast slab system developed by Abeo. The slab combines the strength of prestressed concrete with the low weight of light-aggregate concrete, which gives a light and extremely flexible slab that can handle long spans in addition to being cheap to produce, transport and install.


One of the main differences compared to other slab systems is that the fully automatic SL casting machine only places the low weight where it is needed in the slab, thus providing a high level of flexibility for accommodating cast-in embeds, extra reinforcement and a range of other cast-in solutions often needed in residential projects. This is done as the machine omits lightweight blocks in relevant areas to create small zones of solid concrete.


Another big benefit of SL-decks is the large slab width, which significantly reduces the number of crane lifts, on-site joints and hence installation costs. Due to the use of crosswise reinforcement, SL-decks can be produced in any desired width up to 3.6-meter depending on local regulations for maximum transportable cargo width.


The SL-Deck in 160 seconds


In general, concrete slabs can be divided into 3 groups:

1) Precast, prestressed concrete slabs

2) In-situ casted slabs

3) Half slabs such as filigree/wide slabs (50% precast and 50% in-situ).


Up until today, a contractor’s choice between these slab systems has typically been a choice between either high flexibility (filigree and in-situ) or fast and cost-efficient installation (precast). With SL-decks, it is possible to provide the benefits present in filigree and in-situ casted slabs - at the speed, quality and cost of a 100% precast concrete slab


For precast producers, SL-decks offer a unique opportunity to gain a strategic competitive advantage and become more competitive in the residential market segment.


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