Abeo is a technology-oriented precast concrete company specialised in precast deck systems. Our goal is to be the technological leader within concrete decks, and we thus continue to focus a big part of our work efforts on R&D in order to develop new, cheaper and more efficient solutions.


Our roots go back to 2010, where we were founded to commercialise two new concrete technologies invented at the Technical University of Denmark. On the backbone of these technologies, we have developed the Super-Light Concrete Deck (SL-Deck) for construction of multilevel buildings including new production systems, machinery and product specific add-on product solutions. The SL-Deck was launched on the Danish market in 2014 and has since been used in a wide range of building projects within both the residential, commercial and public sector.


Currently, we have 3 patent families and we cover all stages of the commercialisation process from idea to market launch including testing, documentation, marketing and sales. We provide precast concrete producers with a complete license package which allow them to focus on production and local market demands.


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