Cast-in parts


Due to the use of self-compacting concrete, it is possible to place cast-in parts in the SL-deck during the production process. This possibility is often used for placing holders for safety guard rails, welding plates, pipes for installations etc. thus enabling significant time savings on-site in addition to a better work flow and safer work environment.


Our most commonly used cast-in parts include:

  • Holders for safety guard rails
  • Standard or specially designed steel brackets
  • Extra reinforcement for strengthening the deck locally
  • Built-in tree mould in the bottom of an opening for installations
  • Extending brackets/reinforcement for mounting of edge reinforcement 
  • Extending brackets/reinforcement for interaction with in-situ concrete

Cast-in parts are embedded during production by locally omitting lightweight blocks at the object resulting in a massive zone ensuring appropiate anchorage and transfer of forces from object to concrete deck.



Built in rails for safety guards   Built in installations




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