Built-in installations


With the SL-deck, it is possible to integrate built-in installations for bathrooms in the slabs. This is a very cost-efficient solution for residential buildings.


When using traditional precast concrete slabs, it is typically necessary to place installations for bathrooms on top of the slabs. The result is a thick and expensive floor structure in the whole apartment, as the bathroom and the rest of the apartment needs to be in the same level. 


Overall, the SL-deck's built-in installations solution makes it possible to construct a thin slab/floor structure similar to an in-situ casted solution - using a 100% precast slab. In combination with a slab width of 2.4- or 3-meter, the solution significantly reduces installation costs and time.


SL deck built in installations   Hermansgade 04
Hermansgade 01   Built in installations
Hermansgade 03   Hermansgade 05
Built in installations 02   Built in installations 03

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