Low weight, Low cost 


The SL-Deck combines the strength of prestressed concrete with the low weight and fantastic insulation properties of light-weight concrete resulting in a very light slab that can handle heavy loads and long spans. In the SL-deck, the light-aggregate concrete accounts for app. 50 % of the total slab volume, which reduces the weight by 30-40% making the slab cheaper to produce, transport and install. 


Unique production technology: Low weight - where needed 

The SL-deck has been specifically developed to cope with the more complex solutions often required in residential projects. The key that makes this possible is the machine technology developed and patented by Abeo for the SL-deck.


With the LAC casting machine, it is possible to leave out specific blocks and thus place the light-weight blocks excactly where needed in the slab. This provides a very high level of flexibility in a low-weight and low cost slab. In the areas, where blocks are left out, it is possible to cast in various solutions (e.g. drains, installations, sprinklers, electricity etc.) in turn solving some of the main problems, when using precast slabs in residential projects.


LAC Machine

The SL-deck casting machine has been developed and patented by Abeo and makes it possible to decide excactly, which areas of the slab should be low-weight or where flexibility is needed for cast-in solutions and other things.


SL deck blocks 03  SL deck blocks 02

Example of opening and built-in electricity sockets in SL-decks

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