Vorgod Creek

In July 2015, the first Pearl-Chain Bridge opened over Vorgod Creek in Skjern. The bridge is a milestone in the development process and confirms that the concept is now so progressed that it fulfills all norms and guidelines for modern bridges. 

The bridge consists of 3 spans. The main span is a 13 meter arch and the last two are semicircles. The semicircles lead the horizontal forces up to the road, which has a built-in tension rod across the bridge causing all horizontal forces to be kept as a part of the bridge construction.





AbeoSkjern KSM1984

AbeoSkjern KSM2014 AbeoSkjern KSM2112 AbeoSkjern KSM2153

AbeoSkjern KSM2199

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AbeoSkjern KSM2349

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