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Abeo and Elematic develop MultiSlab production concept


In cooperation with Elematic, Abeo has developed a new innovative production concept – MultiSlab – allowing hollow-core producers to use existing casting beds for production of BOTH HOLLOW-CORE SLABS AND SL-decks.


Following joint development work with Elematic, Abeo has developed a new production system allowing precast producers to cheaply add SL-decks to their product portfolio by using existing casting beds. The MultiSlab system is highly cost-efficient, as it can be installed on top of existing casting beds at a low cost, thus leveraging investments in existing facilities and equipment.


The system is based on steel plates being installed on top of existing casting beds, e.g. two existing 1.2-meter casting beds can be covered with an app. 3.3-meter wide steel plate. This enables production of either 2.4-meter wide SL-decks or two lines of 1.2-meter wide hollow-core slabs. 


About the MultiSlab concept, Technical Director of Elematic, Lassi Järvinen says:


“The precast industry is a competitive market with many producers looking for a competitive edge. The ‘MultiSlab’ concept is a cost-efficient way for producers to leverage investments in existing facilities and diversify their product portfolio. Being able to produce multiple products on the same production line is not only a benefit in terms of being able to serve more market segments, but also makes it possible for producers to obtain a higher utilization of the production capacity and better cope with demand fluctuations between market segments.”




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