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SL-18 chosen for new housing projects


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Camp Logos, Viborg (Paulsen Byg)


Assergården, Ganløse (GVL Entreprise)


One month after launching a new 18 cm version of the SL-deck, the Danish SL-deck producer, Perstrup, has already received the first orders for this thinner deck type. The first deliveries will take place in May.


In March, Perstrup launched the so-called SL18 - a new thinner version of the SL22, which has so far been the most popular solution for housing projects. The new SL18 element makes it possible to achieve a thinner and cheaper deck construction and is especially suitable for housing projects with shorter spans (up to app. 7 meter).


Following the launch in March, Abeo and Perstrup have received many enquiries from customers and will commence deliveries for the first projects in May. These include 'Assergården' in Ganløse being constructed by GVL Entreprise as well as the student housing project 'Camp Logos' in Viborg.



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