Built-in installations enable large savings


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Based on Recent development efforts, abeo has launched a new innovative solution enabling built-in installations for bathrooms. the solution significantly reduces costs compared to the traditional method of placing installations on top of the precast deck.  


Abeo recently introduced its new solution of making built-in installations for bathrooms inside a SL-deck. The solution was quickly ordered by HN Byg for a residential project located in Frederiksværk as it enabled him to reduce the costs of the deck structure.


When using precast decks, it is typically necessary to place the bathroom installations on top of the deck after which a rather thick concrete topping needs to be casted in the entire apartment in order to get a level surface.


SL deck built in installations


The built-in installations in the SL-deck makes it possible to construct the same slim structure achieved in wideslab/filigree or in-situ solutions. One vital difference, however, is that this can now be obtained with a 100% precast solution.


With built-in installations in 2.4-meter wide SL-decks, a contractor just needs to cast a 30 mm in order to complete the entire deck construction. This is a cheaper solution than placing the installations on top of the deck.



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