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Abeo wins contract for school project





Liljeborg rendering


Abeo and perstrup will be delivering SL-Decks for the construction of a new school located in Roskilde.


The new 'Liljeborg school' has been designed as a round building and will feature offices for administration, a small student kitchen, activity rooms, common room and a gym. The building consists of 2 floors and have a total size of approximately 3,000 sqm.

Abeo and Perstrup offered a solution in which SL-deck solves the entire floor area in a 100% prefab solution. The SL-Decks will be delivered in A-shapes that match the round building geometry making it possible to eliminate in-situ casting and obtain a significantly faster construction time. Abeo and Perstrup have extensive experience with circular buildings from previous projects, e.g. the 10,000 sqm project 'Innovest' located in Skjern.
Einar Kornerup will be constructing Liljeborg school, which is planned to open for the first students on August 1, 2017.


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