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Kristian Hertz receives 'concrete prize 2015'



The Danish concrete association has awarded Kristian Hertz with the prestigious "Concrete prize 2015". The prize is given as a recognition of Kristian's research and development of the Sl-Deck.


It has just been announced that 64-year-old Kristian Hertz, who is inventor, Abeo co-founder and professor at the Technical University of Denmark will receive the prestigious 'Concrete Prize 2015'. The prize is awarded by the Danish Concrete Association, who emphasizes Kristian's research and development of the SL-Deck as making him the proper choice. 


- Throughout many years Kristian Hertz has gained recognition as 'a pattern breaker' and an entrepreneur in an often conservative industry. He has thus demonstrated that it is possible to combine research based and innovative technical ideas with business and commercialisation plans, says chairman of the jury, Christian Munch-Petersen, Emcon A/S, about Kristian Hertz.


The Concrete Prize 2015 will formally be awarded to Kristian at the Sustainable Concrete Conference, which is taking place at Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center in Copenhagen on 10 March 2015. The Concrete Prize is 50.000 kroner and given out every second year by the Danish Concrete Association to one or more persons, who have made a significant contribution to the development of the concrete industry.

Read more about the prize here: "Abeo-medstifter modtager Betonprisen 2015"  


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