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SL-Deck is world's most fire resistant


A test performed by the danish fire and security institute shows that the SL-Deck has achieved the highest fire resistance ever measured in a concrete deck. The Sl-Deck completed the 4 hour long fire test without problems, which is the first time a test of such length is made.


Recently, the SL-Deck was tested by the Danish Fire and Security Institute (DBI). At the test, a 2.4 meter wide SL-Deck was placed on top of DBI's fire chamber in Hvidovre, after which the deck was exposed to more than 1.000 degrees of heat. 


The SL-Deck completed the test without problems and according to Kristian Hertz, Professor at the Technical University of Denmark and inventor of the Super-Light technology, this was a great accomplishment.


”We have made calculations showing the the SL-Deck can withstand a minimum of 4 hours standard fire, so the purpose of the test was to document that the temperature development in the calculations also corresponded to actual conditions. The test fully proved this. After 4 hours, the SL-Deck was still unharmed and we measured the deflection at just 7 cm. Despite the fact that the undersurface was red-hot when lifting the deck off the oven, the temperature of the top of the deck had just increased 58 degrees, which is very ground-breaking," says Kristian Hertz.



The reason for the SL-Decks significantly improved fire properties is the innovative combination of self-compacting concrete and light-aggregate concrete, which is literally "born in fire". Light-aggregate concrete consists of expanded clay, which is manufactured in ovens at 1.200 degrees celcius. In the SL-Deck, the light-aggregate concrete is applied in a special curved geometry in the bottom of the deck thus protecting both the reinforcement and the self-compacting concrete from spalling.


The fire test demonstrated that the SL-Deck can withstand a minimum of 4 hours fire resistance and has therefore been accredited as REI240 by DBI. Calculations, however, show that the deck can even withstand fires of up to 4.5 hours with office load and 5.5 hours with residential load.


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watch the fire test below

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When the SL-Deck was lifted off the oven after 4 hours, the underside of the deck was 1.154 degrees and red-hot. The deck was still intact and the temperature of the top of the deck had just increased 58 degrees.