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SL-Decks for Krøyer's Square


Perstrup has won the contract for 10.000 sqm apartments on Krøyer's Square next to Copenhagen Habour. The contract was secured after presenting a solution with SL-Decks that gives ncc both faster construction time and increases safety on the construction site.


When the apartments at Krøyer's Plads are completed in 2015, it will be on one of the most central and interesting sites in Copenhagen. The apartments will be end to end with 300 years old warehouses and right next to Copenhagen Habour, just a stone's throw from the Opera House.


It's NCC Housing and NCC Construction that are behind the construction of the three apartment buildings. First stage of the project was constructed with hollow core slabs combined with steel decks at the facades due to recessed balconies. But for the second stage of the project, NCC has chosen to shift to SL-Decks. This is both due to lower construction costs and a much faster construction time.


”With the SL-Deck, we have gotten a precast element that gathers more solutions in one deck. The light steel decks and steel beams can be eliminated and at the same time, mounting of balconies and facades becomes much easier. The edge groove casting is also integrated in the delivered deck and saves us for a process, which is very inconvenient in relation to the work environment .This means that the erection is simplified significantly, and we now believe that we are able to construct the apartments on time with significantly improved safety conditions,” says project leader from NCC, Klaus Iversen.


According to Klaus Iversen, the SL-Deck solution has likewise made it possible to obtain a series of other time saving benefits. E.g. it has been possible to save the in situ topping on the floor above the ground floor as the shear plate forces can be absorbed by the SL-Deck. The decks for the basement parking is delivered with projecting bars, which mean that trucks can drive on the decks during construction. Furthermore, the decks are produced with rail inserts, so that guards can easily be established.


Krøyer's Square has been designed by the architect firms Vilhelm Lauritzen and COBE in cooperation with GHB landscape architects. The apartments are expected to be ready for occupancy in the summer 2015.



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