When the construction of the 10,200 sqm development park, Innovest, starts in March, SL-decks will be used as floors. The Danish producer of SL-decks, Perstrup, won the contract for the enitre precast carcass after having presented an optimized solution with sl-decks. The building will be one of the most distinctive buildings in western jutland and is expected to be ready for occupancy in february 2015.

Innovest visualisering3













Innovest visualisering


The new development park, Innovest, is going to be domicile for the 'Ringkøbing-Skjern' utility company, but will also function as an innovation centre with facilities for both education and entrepreneurship. The building has been designed by Årstiderne Architects, who have drawn their inspiration right outside the door, from the curved course of Skjern creek. As a result, the building has been designed as a big circle with a green ramp leading up to the roof and carrying the meadows all the way into the building. The circular design was one of several reasons that the SL-Deck was chosen for the project.


”The SL-Deck is the world's first precast concrete slab, which can be produced with curved ends and sides. This has a lot of advantages. In the case of Innovest, it means that a lot of in situ work and on-site adjustment can be eliminated. Instead we solve this much more efficiently at the factory," says CEO of Perstrup, Karsten Sandal.


In addition to curved decks, Perstrup incorporates a number of other solutions in the SL-Decks that are usually also done on-site. E.g. the edge reinforcement is already embedded in the deck at the factory. Furthermore, rail inserts for guards is produced directly in the edges of the deck, so that guards can be fixed already when the decks are lying on the truck. That provides for a faster construction time and a safer work environment.


In this week, Perstrup is also delivering SL-Decks to 'Gammel Hellerup' high school, which has been designed by the architect firm BIG. In this project, a series of new solutions have also been incorporated into the decks. Besides curved decks and embedded edge reinforcement, these include embedded trimmer joists and so-called blade connections, which in some cases make it possible to eliminate beams.


"The SL-Deck is developed, so that you in a precast concrete slab are able to get almost the same degree of flexibility, which has traditionally only been possible to get with either in situ or semi-precast solutions like filigran decks. We believe that the future lies in moving processes from the construction site into the factory because it reduces building costs," says Hans Terney Rasmussen, CEO of Abeo.


Besides 10,252 sqm SL-Decks, Perstrup will also be delivering 3,092 sqm wall elements, 2,051 sqm facade elements, 445 columns, 99 prestressed beams as well as a number of special elements. The building is expected to be ready in February 2015.