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SL-Deck wins 'product prize'


In a strong field of new innovative products, abeo ended up as winner of the engineer's (newspaper) yearly product prize in the category 'Global award'. the prize was given for abeo's development and commercialisation of the SL-Deck.

produktprisen 2014 

The Engineer's 'Product Prize' is one of Denmark's most acknowledged technology awards giving recognition to technological products with a high level of novelty and technological qualities. The prize has been awarded the past 15 years within 5 categories. This year, the categories were:


  • ECO award (eco-friendly product)
  • Welfare award (helping people)
  • Global award (export potential/jobs)
  • Innovation award (innovative/surprising solution)
  • Entrepreneurial award (new product from new company)


In a strong field of innovative products, the SL-Deck was awarded the 'Global award' for the product's significant benefits and big international potential. The jury gave the following motivation for the award:


"Precast concrete elements have been on the market for many years but have not undergone significant development. This is changed with this Danish solution, which has great prospects for becoming a part of the increasing urbanisation and thus increasing construction in big cities. At the same time, the SL-Deck is eco-friendly and stronger than traditional solutions." 


Read more about the prize here: "Dansk betondæk nytænker 60 år gammel konstruktion) (Danish concrete deck rethinks 60 year old structure)


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