BECOME A licensee 


Abeo licenses the SL-Deck technology and production rights to relevant precast concrete producers around the world.


We seek producers who have a strong market position on their local market and preferably experience with production of prestressed products as well. Licensees get access to a complete license package containing everything needed in order to produce, sell and market the SL-Deck.


Opportunity for precast producers

Precast concrete is widely accepted to be the fastest and cheapest way to build, however, in-situ and composite deck systems continue to dominate building projects in many countries.


The SL-Deck is a 100% precast deck system able to provide much of the flexibility of in-situ concrete. This enables precast concrete producers to become competitive on a much wider part of the market in addition to increasing sales volumes by supplying a 100% precast product instead of just a composite deck (half slab). 


At the same time, the low weight of the deck provides low transportation and installation costs.


Automated production process

Abeo has developed an automated and efficient production process for the SL-Deck including a full-automatic casting machine for production of the light-aggregate concrete.


For existing deck producers, it is possible to widen the product portfolio with a more versatile deck system - all while utilizing existing casting beds, equipment and know-how and thus at a very low investment.


For inquiries about licensing possibilities, please contact:


Alexander Wulff


T: +45 60 15 72 31 


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